Andreas Smetana

Andreas Smetana

Director / Photographer

andreas smetana

/an•dre•as smet•an•a/

Armed with his experience as a successful young advertising photographer from Austria, Andreas quickly became one of Australia’s most popular emerging talents. His work began to gain momentum, not just locally but also internationally, and he now works with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Nowadays Andreas is so much more than a photographer, having added Director to his extensive list of skills enabling him to deliver every visual requirement for a multi-platform advertising campaign.

How does he stay so passionate after more than two decades? The answer is easy: “To put it simply, I’m still in love with this business” Andreas finds inspiration in the whole process that culminates in his striking images. He loves connecting with people creatively to hammer out a brief, visually pushing the boundaries to find an edge and individual flavour.

Andreas has also somehow managed to chase his other dreams whilst doing what he loves. When not standing behind a camera and directing people all over the place in his heavy accent, Andreas loves to spend time relaxing with his beautiful wife Rachel, his boy Felix and his favourite girl Louie.

Ironically perhaps, for a man from a landlocked country, sailing is his other great love. He wanted a hobby to balance his work and, living on a small island off Sydney’s Northern Beaches, sailing was an obvious choice. Now his old Westsail 32 is his floating man shed where he can tinker as well as relax with his wife and kids. There, like in his work, he’s never bored.

His only wish, that his wife felt the same about sailing as he does.

Andreas is also the Founder and Creative Director of In The Open, a collection of socially conscious stories being produced through Flint and is also a very active supporter of many philanthropic projects.