Jon Bader

Jon Bader

Director / Photographer

jon bader

/jon ba•der/

Jon is a Sydney based photographer, DOP, and director with a love of food.

After picking up digital manipulation as one of his skills in the mid 90’s through the emergence of desktop applications such as Photoshop and Live Picture, Jon was able to establish himself among a very early group of image-makers who were embracing these new technologies.

Most recently, Jon has been specialising in motion control techniques for motion capture and SFX, using his own digital motion control system that allows for repeated action across live action, stop frame animation and time-lapse. Jon has also been working on a new programmable robot camera arm that is especially suited for complex high speed camera work.

Jon’s latest photography and motion work includes campaigns for McDonald’s, Australia Eggs, KFC, Westfield, and Arnott’s.

Passionate about food waste, Jon also collaborates with OzHarvest, donation his time and expertise to creating stills and video content for this very important cause.