Alina Gozin’a

Alina Gozin’a


I am a Cannes nominated, award winning multidisciplinary artist using photography, film and sculpture to tell stories. I am self-professed to be “Made in Russia; evolved in New York via Berlin and Amsterdam; call Australia home”.

In my previous life I was a tax advisor in Banking & Finance at PwC but my passion for storytelling led me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Film Production at UTS. I launched my career in photography & film, being nominated at Cannes along the way. Most recently I have evolved into a Multidisciplinary Artist working with 3D printing and other technologies to create large-scale photographic sculptures.

I am best known for my cinematic lighting and the vulnerability found in my portraits of celebrities and industry leaders, as well as those who are marginalised within society (through my documentary work). As an artist, I explore how important events in history can create a ripple effect across the globe resulting in major, often irreversible changes for humanity.

I have been commissioned to photograph print campaigns, direct content and create art work installation for major brands and agencies in both New York and Sydney. Some of the most fun shoots of public figures I’ve done are of our former prime minister Kevin Rudd, Sir Frank Lowy, Anthony Pratt, Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke, Christine Lagarde, Judith Neilson, Gretel Packer; Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Golden Globe nominees Ewan McGregor and Michael Shannon.

When asked to described what influences my world, I say: “Just like you, I’m obsessed with so many things, it impossible to narrow it down but if I had to pick, I’d say I definitely can’t live without my family and friends, Smalls in West Village, cinema, theatre, Rachmaninov (genius), Nina Simone ( nothing better); The Notorious B.I.G. (legend); then there is Kieslowski, Messerschmidt, Kundera and Richard Ford, Tarkovsky, Scorsese and so much more! But above all I can’t live without my mum’s borsch! Mum Rules!