Andreas Smetana

Andreas Smetana

Founder / Photographer-Director

I’ve worked on commercial advertising campaigns on a global scale for the past 30 years, with my work being pretty well-recognised and awarded at some of the most prestigious shows around the world.

I find inspiration in the whole process that culminates in my images.
I love connecting with people creatively to hammer out a brief and like to visually push the boundaries to find an edge and individual flavour.

I don’t like to be put in a box, so my work is diverse. I really enjoy transitioning from film to stills and to embrace every genre from performance, highly technical shots and large productions, to just capturing the essence of a human story.

I’m also a co-founder of Flint, something I’m incredibly proud of.

Ironically, perhaps, for a man from a landlocked country, sailing is my other great love.
My wife told me to get a hobby to balance my work and, living on Scotland Island, sailing was the obvious choice. Now my Hans Christian is my floating man shed where I can potter around as well as relax with family and friends.

There, like in work, I’m never bored.