Bianca Baroni

Bianca Baroni

Business Development Director

I grew up surrounded by the most diverse and eclectic architectural styles, magnificent UNESCO World heritage buildings, internationally acclaimed fashion designers’ boutiques and some of the most visited Art Galleries, Museums and Theatres.

My adventurous hippy young parents took me to explore the most breathtaking Italian natural wonders and installed in me a very deep sense of respect and appreciation for the environment and its delicate balance. In their company I developed a palate for mouth watering home made food, discovered some of the secrets of what is universally acclaimed as one of the most exquisite cuisine, and learned how to taste fine wines like a pro!

My school teachers fuelled my insatiable curiosity and uncontainable enthusiasm and I naturally became intrigued, not to say obsessed, with any form of Art, with history, geography and foreign language studies. And at a very young age, I inevitably started to craved for more.

It was during my second year at University that I inadvertently managed to impress the right person who introduced me to the wondrous Advertising Production World.

I started at the front desk of the largest Production Company at the time, where I soon realised that if I played my cards right, I could have spread my wings and adventure around the planet sooner than I hoped, and at someone else’s expenses. And so I did!

I have been privileged to work for 20 years alongside the best in the Industry. Their mentoring, their guidance, their willingness to patiently answer all my questions (many questions!), helped me to develop and master many valuable skills, one of which of particular importance for a person in my current position: the ability to always look for the best possible way of encouraging people, to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.

The countries I lived in, the countless places I visited, the experiences I shared with the multitude of friends spread around the Globe, helped me to become who I am today.

But the ones who truly inspire me to be the best I can on a daily basis, are my ultra inquisitive, hyper active, audacious, tender-hearted, hilarious, cute-as-can-be little boy and my world explorer, surf maniac, music enthusiast, yoga amateur, podcast addicted, fun-loving husband.