Jonathan May

Jonathan May


Photography has been one amazing journey, teaching me so much about life and taking me all over the world. The beautiful thing is with technology I feel I am constantly learning and evolving.

My passion started in boarding school, if I wasn’t playing Rugby or basketball I would have a camera in my hand, and my high school submission exhibited as part of Art Express.

After school I started working in publishing for three years and was surrounded by imagery and photography on a daily basis. I then transitioned to advertising where I learnt how the clogs turn in agency land but realised I needed more so I started studying and assisting in 2006 and shooting in 2009.

In the last 6 years I have lived in 6 countries in 4 continents…Sydney, Paris, Moscow, Kenya, The Ivory coast and Los Angeles. Working on some incredible projects with amazing people all over the world, and for that I am truely grateful.

With my imagery I am always focused on evoking emotion from the viewer the goal from the start has always been simple storytelling.

In my spare time I am usually surfing, choking sweaty men in a Jiu-Jitsu class or chilling with my family on the northern beaches.