Simon Frost

Simon Frost


At the age of 9 my dad (a great photographer) gave me my first camera, a medium format Twin Lens Rolliflex. As a child the world looked totally different through the square ground glass screen of that camera and my love of viewing life through the lens has never waned.

I studied art and photography at the Somerset College OF Art and Technology in the UK and began my working life as a still’s photographer for a music paper in London.
I’d shoot a band at night, get home at 1am after the gig, develop the film in the lab (the bathroom), wait for it to dry then start printing in the darkroom (the toilet) all night to make the next morning’s deadline.

As a natural progression I found myself gravitating towards the moving image, grabbing my first gig on feature film in the camera dept in 1993. Funnily enough it was also Russel Crows first feature. I’ve been working as a full-time director ever since, though have done stints in the camera dept and production design.

My life as a director has taken me round the world, allowing me the opportunity to meet the most amazing and creative people. It has introduced me to my wife Donna and allowed me to do and continue to do what I have always loved to do.
View and capture life through the lens of a camera.