The following is based on a true story….

Many years ago in a far away land, two cowboys crossed paths while strutting around the professional bull riding circuit. After both suffering freak accidents, the pair sat down over a couple of malt whiskeys to discuss their future careers. While both agreed that flying cars would be a growth industry, they decided to follow their hearts instead.

Toby ’Snake Hips’ Dixon spent the next decade transforming from a cow-kissing redneck to a suave turtle-necked advertising photographer. Based in Sydney, he’s created award-winning campaigns for a large number of blue chips clients. When not breathing the proverbial life into a creative brief, he’s found out in the world shooting interesting characters and unseen landscapes in his trademark khaki photographers vest.

Whilst Alex ‘Bronco’ Feggans insists he’s still as rugged as the day he hung up his mauve cowboy boots, others would say that ten years of post production turned him into a freak-show who wears socks with sandals. Alex has directed campaigns for some of Australia’s leading brands but is yet to fulfil his lifelong ambition of directing Chuck Norris in a Huggies commercial.

Many years after the two cowboys parted ways, a chance encounter back stage at an Andre Rieu concert would bring them together again. They realised if they combined their powers they could take over the world. Or, at the very least make some kick-arse ad campaigns. And so began Stampede – a creative collaboration founded to seamlessly integrate moving and still imagery into one cohesive campaign that makes advertising dreams come true.