Tim Berriman

Tim Berriman

Founder / Executive Producer

Over 20 years ago I started my career as a Photography Producer – this was my first love.

A move to the UK saw me working for Saatchi & Saatchi London as a TVC Producer. It was a great time, working on some of its most creative work, including British Airways, the Army and Club 18:30. I then moved into the production arena, working for two of the major stalwarts of the UK production industry, BFCS and Garrets.

Returning to Sydney I worked at Pod Film before steppinto into the role of Senior Producer at Luscious for 12 years, working on some of the biggest and most award-winning work in Australia.

I have the collaborative skills required to produce the highest standard of quality and creativity and apply this to every project I work on.
My experience in both Agencies and Production Companies has given me an intimate knowledge and understanding of the working of both sides which is an asset in this ever- changing landscape.

Now with Flint I’m able to reconnect with my first love, photography, and being able to integrate both the stills and the motion into one offering is a perfect world for me!